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Grab and Go

coreTAK develops portable, TAK Server-based, turnkey Command and Control systems. In addition, it sources and supplies advanced ready-to-go solutions that address the common challenges encountered by operators in the field.

Complete Catalog

Portable C2

TAK Server with user management, mission control, video & voice in a self-contained portable package.


A subscription-free, license-free asset tracking device designed exclusively for use with TAK.

Off-Grid Comms

TAK data, voice and video connectivity for poor service, no service, and remote areas.

Off-Grid Power

Tough and waterproof portable power station designed to keep essential electronics operating.



A complete Command and Control center package suitable for use in classrooms, training facilities and small field operations. The unit contains a TAK server with all necessary features – voice, video, chat etc. Basic Wi-Fi and networking functionality come as standard. In addition, it includes an APRS and ADS-B to CoT proxy for integration with online and offline feeds.



The NetBox MANET is an intelligently designed portable Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) networking system configured with the Silvus Technologies STREAMCASTER SC4480E (Enhanced) 4X4 MIMO radios.

4×4 MIMO Radios
High throughput system
6-12 hrs run time
RPC LiFePO4 Power
Frequency Bands
400MHz – 6Ghz available
Highspeed Data
Up to 100Mbps (Adaptive)


The NetBox BOOST™ by coreTAK® is smartly integrated battery powered portable cellular booster solutions designed for rapid deployment into emergency situations where improved cellular reception is required.

We custom integrate the NetBox BOOST™ with the Cel-Fi , by Nextivity’s cellular booster product line to support one to three cellular carriers.


NetBox SAT

The NetBox SAT™ is configured for our customers with portable, beyond line of site, communications needs in remote locations leveraging the Iridium Certus® global satellite constellation.

Global Coverage
Using Iridium Certus®
8 hrs run time
RPC LiFePO4 Power
Data, Voice & Video
Thales MissionLINK™ Antenna
Highspeed Data
Up to 256kbps streaming


coreTAK can design a custom TAK / ATAK-Civ solution to address your organization’s unique requirements and provide additional functionality and features that are not available in the standard software.

By investing in a custom TAK / ATAK-Civ solution, you can ensure that the software platform is tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs, which can improve operational efficiency, communication, and decision-making in critical situations.

Enough talk, let's build something together