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The Calgary Stampede is an annual event held in Calgary, Canada, known as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” While the exact attendance figures may vary from year to year, the event typically draws an average of over 1 million visitors throughout its duration. This includes participants, vendors, and spectators who come to experience the various attractions, shows, and exhibitions offered during the Calgary Stampede. With such a significant gathering, ensuring the safety and security of the event is of paramount importance. ATAK-Civ (Android Team Awareness Kit – Civilian) can be utilized to enhance safety and security operations during the Calgary Stampede by providing real-time situational awareness, coordination, and communication capabilities to the stakeholders involved.

Calgary Stampede grounds map


To leverage ATAK-Civ for safety and security operations at the Calgary Stampede grounds, enabling efficient incident response, effective resource allocation, and improved situational awareness for all relevant personnel.


1. Incident Monitoring and Reporting:

  • ATAK-Civ can be installed on the smartphones or tablets of security personnel, law enforcement officers, medical staff, and other stakeholders involved in safety operations.
  • They can use ATAK-Civ to monitor the grounds for potential incidents or hazards, such as fights, medical emergencies, or suspicious activities.
  • When an incident is detected, the personnel can use ATAK-Civ to report the incident in real-time, including its location, nature, and severity. This information can be shared with the command center and other relevant personnel.

2. Situational Awareness and Mapping:

  • ATAK-Civ provides a dynamic map interface that displays the real-time locations of personnel, incident markers, and important landmarks within the Calgary Stampede grounds.
  • Personnel equipped with ATAK-Civ can view the map to gain situational awareness of ongoing incidents, the positions of other team members, and the distribution of resources.
  • The map can also incorporate additional information, such as weather updates, traffic conditions, or restricted areas, to further enhance situational awareness.

3. Resource Coordination and Communication:

  • ATAK-Civ enables seamless communication and coordination among different teams and stakeholders.
  • Personnel can use ATAK-Civ to establish voice, text, or multimedia communication channels with other team members or the command center.
  • In case of a large-scale incident or emergency, ATAK-Civ can support the creation of ad hoc groups or channels, allowing specific teams to collaborate effectively.
  • Resources, such as medical personnel, security personnel, or emergency vehicles, can be tracked and assigned to incidents based on their real-time locations and availability within ATAK-Civ.

4. Event Planning and Preparedness:

  • ATAK-Civ can be utilized not only during the event but also in the pre-planning and preparedness phases.
  • The Calgary Stampede organizers can use ATAK-Civ to assess potential security vulnerabilities or bottlenecks within the grounds and develop appropriate mitigation strategies.
  • ATAK-Civ can facilitate tabletop exercises or simulations to test emergency response plans and identify areas for improvement.
  • The system can also be integrated with existing surveillance cameras or sensors to receive real-time feeds and enhance the overall situational awareness.


  • Real-time incident reporting and mapping improve response times and allow for faster resolution of issues.
  • Enhanced situational awareness enables better resource allocation and decision-making.
  • Seamless communication and coordination among teams streamline operations and enhance collaboration.
  • Pre-planning and preparedness activities are facilitated, leading to a more robust and effective event management process.
  • Overall, ATAK-Civ helps ensure the safety and security of all participants, vendors, and spectators attending the Calgary Stampede.