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Event Organizers

Improve your event’s safety and security with better communication among your team members and partner organizations

Let's say you're organizing a marathon race

in a large urban area with thousands of participants and spectators.

With ATAK-Civ, you can create a shared map of the racecourse and mark important locations such as water stations, first aid stations, and restrooms.

During the event, you and your team members can use ATAK-Civ to track the progress of the race in real-time, monitor the locations of all runners and track any medical emergencies that may arise. This will help you respond quickly and efficiently to any incidents.

If there is an emergency such as a lost child or a medical emergency, you can use ATAK-Civ to quickly communicate with your team members and direct them to the location. You can also use the messaging feature to communicate with volunteers and staff members, giving them updates and instructions as needed.