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Situational Awareness

Services and solutions built for the leading Situational Awareness (SA) platform, Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK / ATAK-CIV)

When lives are at stake

time matters

Common Operating Picture

in the palm of your hand

Quickly establish a Common Operating Picture (COP) with real-time, bidirectional information sharing using commercially available mobile devices and a free ATAK-CIV app. Provide your team members with situational awareness, geospatial data, mission plan, full motion video (FMV), peer-to-peer (P2P) comms, just to name a few.

Lateral Collaboration

Instantly extend ATAK-CIV’s collaborative functionality across geographically dispersed units with TAK Server. Doing so will also enable you to centrally administer the following:

  • Information access
  • Users and groups
  • Data distribution
  • End User Device (EUD) provisioning
  • Long-term data storage
  • Data/video streams
  • & more

Command and Control

Elevate the ATAK platform to Command and Control level (C2, C3, etc.) with an array of open-source solutions, commercial software, and hardware options. Gain operational intel, including information from the assets on the ground, to assist in decision-making. Create a Common Situational Understanding to facilitate effective inter-organizational collaboration.

coreTAK team’s extensive expertise in the subject matter can help you achieve your objectives while avoiding pitfalls and common mistakes.

Unified Situational Awareness

across organizations

Law Enforcement

Park Services, Border Services, Coast Guard, National Guard, Park Rangers and other groups.

Emergency Services

Fire, Police, Search and Rescue, Natural Disaster and other emergency service providers.

Event Organizers

Concert, festival, marathon, parade, sporting and other event organizers.

Commercial & Recreational

Worker camps, security providers, air soft and other companies.

Six reasons why TAK is

the right choice

  • It’s absolutely free – no strings attached
  • It’s open-source with a growing developer community
  • Its code base is funded and maintained by U.S. government
  • It is updated frequently with bug fixes and new features
  • As of 2020, its user base exceeded 250,000 and it keeps growing
  • It is used by U.S. military

Enough talk, let’s get you operational